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About us

AC Heating - the story of an idea, hard work and good luck

In 2006 two friends, Michal and Lubomir, resolved the heating of Michal’s father’s cottage. „That was the reason why we became interested in heat pumps. We found out that the heat pumps on the market are obsolete, inefficient and the technology is like 30 years old. I´ve been looking for a heater that has great efficiency and low consumption,“ comments the beginnings Michal Fiala.

Our very first heat pump

The two friends found the courage to use their acquired knowledge in thermomechanics for heat pump development. “Our home-made welded and soldered cluster of pipes and cables supplied significantly more heat with electricity consumption reduced to half. We could hardly believe the results,” adds Lubomír Kuchynka. Another interesting fact is that our first heat pump is still operational.

The workshop in the garage is not big enough

Customers personally arrived to the small garage for their heat pump. The engineers employed their friends to meet the demand for their products. Customers from Slovakia, Germany, Belgium, England and Ireland suddenly showed interest in their heat pumps. They needed space for development and manufacturing and so they built their own premises.

AC Heating today

AC Heating has 12 years of experience. Over 100 people all over Europe work for AC Heating. The company sells and installs more than 800 heat pumps a year. Thanks to our heat pumps, faultless heating and cooling runs in more than 4,500 family houses, industrial and agricultural plants and residential buildings.

AC Heating has been a long-time supplier for Heat Angels & Company Ltd. Heat Angels & Company Ltd. installed the AC Heating Heat Pump in Ireland already in 2010. 

In 2018 AC Heating established a new company with Petr Walsh Absolutely Clever Heating Ltd. and took over the obligations of Heat Angels & Company Ltd.  Absolutely Clever Heating Ltd. will now continue to devote the best efforts to offer excellent service to our customers.

Careers at ac heating

We want to continuously improve and move forward.
And we hope our enthusiasm inspires other people to work with us.







Differences between using underfloor heating or radiators

Radiators work by heating the air surrounding them using convection. The air heated by a radiator rises towards the ceiling and once this warm air has cooled down, it falls to the ground level to be heated by the convection of the radiator again.

Heat pump and integration with PVPP

Does your house have a photovoltaic power plant (PVPP) on the roof and you are wondering if this can integrate with our heat pump? Have a look how we connect the heat pump and PVPP.
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