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When is the Best Time to Buy and Install a Heat Pump?

Choosing a heat pump in the summer is a much more logical approach than in the winter time. Be ready for the cold dark winter months, do not worry about heating or hot water or disruption to these.

Online monitoring and automatic diagnostics – A Standard from AC Heating

Online monitoring and automatic diagnostics provide our customers with the assurance that they are always taken care of.

Heat pumps in commercial buildings

One of the most important parts of any business is ensuring you have a comfortable, reliable heat source for your building. It is therefore important to choose a suitable heating source.

Regulation xCC2 - more than just regulation

In the past, we focused on the possibilities of xCC2 regulation, especially in terms of controlling the heat pump and other heat sources. Let us now focus more on the possibilities of regulating heat appliances, which make xCC2 regulation a unique product on the Irish market. The xCC2 control...

How to choose a Heat Pump

Just as there are many kinds of houses in every town or village, there are many kinds of heat sources on the market that can heat our houses. How do you choose the right one for your house?

Ensuring your home is heat pump ready

One of the requirements for a dwelling to qualify for a heat pump system grant is that the dwelling has low heat loss. This is to ensure your heat pump system performs well and your electricity bills are not too high. You can achieve this by insulating your home and/or by upgrading your windows.

Differences between using underfloor heating or radiators

Radiators work by heating the air surrounding them using convection. The air heated by a radiator rises towards the ceiling and once this warm air has cooled down, it falls to the ground level to be heated by the convection of the radiator again.

Heat pump and integration with PVPP

Does your house have a photovoltaic power plant (PVPP) on the roof and you are wondering if this can integrate with our heat pump? Have a look how we connect the heat pump and PVPP.
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