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Can a heat pump be used for cooling?

People are used to utilising heat pumps for winter heating and all-year hot water preparation. But as customer demands keep increasing we have developed a standard solution of heat pumps providing for house cooling and pool water heating.
Increasing customer expectations including comfortable temperatures in the house not only in winter but also in the hot summer months place increased demand on heat pump manufacturers.

Cooling in summer
In summer your heat pump can be used as a source of coolness. This, however, does not mean bathing in cold water in summer. Thanks to the correct technical design of the connection the cooling circuit can be separated from the heating and hot service water preparation circuit and the two circuits can be controlled separately according to the current needs and requirements.

The cooling design can be based on either of the following two basic variants:

1. Cooling assisted by the heating system
This variant can only be used for floor heating systems. Radiators are not suitable, because cold water does not sufficiently cool room air via the radiator surface. In addition, air humidity condensation on the radiator and pipeline surface might occur.
In the case of floor heating the heat of the sun rays striking the floor is absorbed by the cold floor, which simultaneously cools the whole room with its entire surface. However, this type of cooling cannot achieve the same cooling comfort as traditional air conditioning. What is possible, though, is a room temperature decrease by a couple of degrees, which may make the house climate more pleasant in the hot summer days.
The xCC regulation system adjusts the cooling water temperature in relation to the room air temperature to prevent air humidity condensation on the floor surface.

Advantages of this design:
o Affordable acquisition price
o Easy extension of the existing or a new floor heating system
o In combination with recuperation, which maintains air circulation in the house, the adverse physical effect of cold air dropping and warmed air rising is eliminated

2. Cooling with fan coil units
Use of fan-coils, or ventilator-equipped convector units, in a heat pump system can achieve a full cooling effect comparable to air conditioning. The acquisition price is higher in this case in comparison to the floor heating use for cooling, though. The reason for the price increase is the separate cold water circuit for the fan–coils and the price of the fan-coils themselves.

Fan-coils can ensure:
Air cooling. The cold air is returned to the room by the fans. Every fan-coil produces air humidity condensate. The condensate can be drained by gravity or collected in a vessel from where it evaporates. Or the fan-coil can be equipped with a condensate pump.

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