AC Heating Blog Differences between using underfloor heating or radiators

Differences between using underfloor heating or radiators

UHF (Underfloor heating) produces radiant heat which makes you feel warm. The term radiant heating is used as radiation is responsible for a significant proportion of the “thermal comfort” achieved by this form of heating.

The way the heat is distributed impacts the efficiency and comfort of the heating system. Radiant heat heats objects directly and it maintains the natural humidity in a room, If the whole floor of the room is heated, then radiant heat gives a very even spread of heat.

Radiators work by heating the air surrounding them using convection. The air heated by a radiator rises towards the ceiling and once this warm air has cooled down, it falls to the ground level to be heated by the convection of the radiator again.

This creates a flow of hot and cold air and inevitably, hot and cold spots where areas near to the radiators are warmer than the areas elsewhere in the room. In order to feel warm further away from the radiator you need to turn up the room temperature.

Convectional heating heats one area initially and then takes time to circulate to reach the required comfort levels.

Another advantage for UHF over radiators is that because there is a bigger surface area and increased water volume it requires a lower water temperature to bring up the heat in the building.

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