AC Heating Commercial AC Heating financing with ESCO model

AC Heating financing with ESCO model

ESCO model (Energy Supply Company) is an option on how to finance your project with no capital cost.

The ESCO installs an AC Heating air-to-water heat pump system solution and links it into the existing distribution system. The business pays the ESCO 80 % of its previous heating/hot water bill - this is index linked to oil/lpg prices. The capital cost of the equipment is funded by the ESCO - the business does not have to make any capital investment.

The ESCO is ideal for hotels, nursing homes, leisure centres but also for pig breeders and other agriculture businesses.

benefits with ac heating financing

  • Guaranteed savings Immediate reduction in heating cost
    of 20 %.
  • Automatic remote diagnostics We monitor the performance of the system all year round.
  • Comfort Improved comfort levels as the heating system operates on a 24/7 mode.
  • No risk for customers We take control over the entire project.
  • Zero capital outlay We cover the whole project installation of the heat pumps.
  • No maintenance We will take care of all year maintenance of the system.

You have 2 options how to continue with ESCO


Business can forego the increased savings and secure a 1/15th reduction each year after initial 5 years - 20 % cost reduction applies for every year of this option.


Increased discount offered by the ESCO after year 5 - when the investment is returned.


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