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Heat pump and integration with PVPP

Does your house have a photovoltaic power plant (PVPP) on the roof and you are wondering if this can integrate with our heat pump? Have a look how we connect the heat pump and PVPP.

The xCC control system assures the maximum utilisation of power generated by a PVPP.

Power generation by PV cells cannot be controlled. Everything depends on sunshine. To assure the maximum effect of the heat pump combination with a PVPP the heating mode must be regulated according to the current offer of the generated electricity.
The xCC control system assures the effective integration of these two systems through the permanent monitoring of power generation and total house power consumption (including all electrical appliances, not only the heat pump).
A single-phase heat pump can be connected to a single-phase PV PP. A three-phase heat pump is optimal for connection to a three-phase PV PP.
We recommend the use of a bus electricity meter with the PV PP.

The most effective variant is consumption of maximum electricity generated by the PV PP within the house. IF the PV PP generates more power than the house needs to consume there is an electricity surplus.
Depending on the surplus quantity the following optimisation takes place:

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