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New R32 Refrigerant

Global warming is an issue which we are aware of and we pride ourselves on being able to help reduce this with our highly efficient heating system.

Another environment issue is ozone depletion and as our system uses refrigerant we take precautions to ensure there are no spills such as being F Gas registered.

A recent development with our Toshiba distributor allows us to use new series of the outdoor units R32 refrigerant which is 4 times less harmful to the environment compare to older units. The R32 is a low temperature refrigerant which is highly efficient and has a low enviromental impact that´s why is currently receiving our best interest.

AC Heating is always pushing the boundaries to achieve more efficient and ecological heating system

Do you want to know more about the R32 Refrigerant. Get in touch with us.

The AC Heating team

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