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How to choose a Heat Pump

How to choose a heat pump
Just as there are many kinds of houses in every town or village, there are many kinds of heat sources on the market that can heat our houses. How do you choose the right one for your house? Skip the old known boilers and imagine modern, ecological and economical heat pumps.
Currently, these are standard heat sources for houses, apartments, large apartment buildings or commercial buildings - office buildings,farms, schools or kindergartens.

What is a heat pump?
A heat pump is a device that uses the energy stored in the environment to operate. The environment may be ambient air, earth or water. The output of the heat pump is heat, which we then use for heating houses, buildings, halls, kindergartens…

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Are there more types?
Individual types of heat pumps are distinguished according to the environment from which they obtain energy. That is, air-water, ground-water and water-water. In Ireland it is the most frequently installed air-water type. This is due to the ease of installation, high efficiency, reliability and, last but not least, the favorable price.

How to assess quality?
The basic quality indicator is the certification of the heat pump. Which is basically the most objective criterion you can rely on. Certification is granted by an independent institution. In Europe, including Ireland, it is the European Heat Pump Association (EHPA), which brings together manufacturers of heat pumps and their components. It includes universities and development workplaces and certified laboratories throughout Europe.

How to influence consumption?

An integral part of the heat pump is its control/regulation. Regulation is a key element that determines how heat pump will be economical and efficient. What are the possibilities of saving through management system? Do all of the devices you requested have them?

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There are several ways to save even more with heat pump smart control.

For example:

The weather forecast function is ideal for transitional periods - spring/autumn, when it can freeze at night and in the afternoon the temperatures rise to 20 C. The heat pump reacts in advance - it can reduce the output or switch off the heating completely. Along with forecasting and temperature can control blinds or blinds.
Connection with alarm - If you leave the house and activate the alarm system, the xCC2 control switches the selected parts of the heating system to attenuation, switches off the domestic hot water circulation, shuts down the blinds, etc. After deactivation, the original parameters are set.
It is also possible to interconnect the regulation with a photovoltaic power plant (PVP). This makes it possible to make greater use of electricity produced by PVP (surpluses). You can pre-heat your house or its zones, heat domestic hot water to a higher temperature, or cool in summer.


Take a look at the demo or have a demonstration of how the heat pump is controlled to see if it can connect to the Internet and has features that affect consumption and thus save your wallet.

Is it worthwhile to invest in heat pumps?
Generally, the return on a heat pump in a house depends on the amount you pay for heating with the current source. Therefore, in order for the heat pump to be relevant to your house, the payback should not exceed about 8-9 years, which is approximately half the life of the heat pump. If you select a suitable supplier, the investment in the heat pump can be returned within the warranty period (7 years). At present, the general belief about the lifetime of heat pumps just above the warranty period is no longer valid, and today's technology achieves a real lifetime of over 20 years.

Focus on references
In addition to measurable values and specific numbers, there is another, no less important fact that will help you align or select your device. Ask the supplier and his equipment called the other side of his customers. Request references and the ability to look at equipment in operation. In addition, the satisfaction of existing users will help you choose a supplier who is ready to take care of your customers in the next 20 years. So do not hesitate to find out what others say about the company.

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Find out as much information as possible about the supplier, its market position and history. A sufficient number of installations, technical support, remote management or even automatic diagnostics must be standard. A reliable supplier boasts made-to-order orders and reviews received from their customers. The feedback is very important. If the supplier builds on quality and experience, he likes to show off specific data.

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