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How we cut heating cost on pig farm

It is beyond any doubt that heat pumps can nowadays be used for heating of various building types. This time it was implementing a heat pump for the heating of a piggery.

Everything started with the requirement of the farmers, the owners of the piggery, to save on costs in all areas of their operation in order to stay competitive. Heating as one of the highest budget items came second after the automation of the feed dosage.

We implemented heating in the part of the piggery where the newborn piglets are heated on mats. The temperature of the mats affects piglets’development and future immunity. The temperature is the highest after birth and the lowest after weaning. Our heating system does not heat according to the ambient temperature but according to the piglets’ age.

The original heating source in the piggery was a light heating oil boiler. This boiler did not permit accurate temperature control and therefore the temperature had to be kept a little higher than needed, due to which the consumption of heating oil was very high. And the heating oil price does not belong to the lowest.

The result was savings of € 300/month with our Convert AW16 module – calculated for the whole year and a heating season of 12 months in this case. As for the rate of return, in this case it comes out even before 3 years of operation have elapsed. This application shows that air-water heat pumps are very compelling not only for family houses but also for industrial and agricultural objects.

As a standard we install heat pumps for family houses, residential houses and schools. But as our development team is able to propose most non-standard regulation for the heat pump, we implement non-standard applications easily and at a high-standard level of quality. If your demand for heating is high, do not hesitate to address us for an individual consultation. We are here to help you.

On behalf of the AC Heating team
John Cahalane

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