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Family house in Monaghan

House type: Reconstruction
Residential area: 250 m2
Address: Drummond Monaghan

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Family home in Mullinavat, Co. Kilkenny

House type: Reconstruction
Residential area: 300 m2

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Family home in Kilgarvan, Cobh

House type: Reconstruction
Address: Kilgarvan, Cobh, Co. Cork

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Family home in Cartronabree, Sligo

House type: Reconstruction
Residential area: 530 m2
Address: Cartronabree, County Sligo

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Family home in Sraheen, Co. Mayo

House type: Reconstruction
Residential area: 205 m2
Address: Sraheen, Co. Mayo

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Family house in Beennamweel East, Co. Cork

House type: Reconstruction
Residential area: 100 m2
Address: Beennamweel East, Co. Cork

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Log cabin in Ballyminaunhill, Co. Wexford

House type: Reconstruction
Address: Ballyminaunhill, Co. Wexford

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...we installed an AC Heating system in July 2015. After looking at a few options at the time and having spoken to people that had the system in, we felt that this was the best one for us.
We have both existing underfloor heating and radiators in our house.
Three years later it is one of the best decisions we have made and cannot praise AC Heating enough. We now have a home with comfortable temperature 24hrs a day and our heating bill is dramatically reduced by anything up to 80%. M.R.


''Ever so grateful, an amazing team. Would highly recommend''.

AC_Heating_Almu's House.

... we would like to whole heartedly recommend the services of AC heating. We were worried about the prospect of completely changing up our heating system and our grant application. The installation of our air to water heating system took place at the same time as a whole kitchen renovation, so we were anxious that all of the measurements and various pipes and connections happened at the right time and in the right place. Jason and his team were very diligent in liaising with our contracts on that part of the project at the same time as managing their own installation.

The system is running smoothly and already we can see a cost saving, we would have no hesitation in recommending AC heating and their team.Thanks so much for support and assistance. A.L.

I was very happy with the way the job was handled from start to finish, great tradesmen, very tidy with work they carried out. Very happy with the heating system.
Thanks again for nice job. J. S.

... we were very happy with AC heating. Petr and his team did a brilliant job installing the system. It was very straight forward and very easy to understand. If we ever had any issues Petr was always on hand to answer any questions and your customer service was also very swift in communicating with us.
Overall very happy with no issues whatsoever. I would highly recommend AC heating. N. K.


My elderly mother got air to water heating on the advice of a heritage engineer. Her house is an old, very large, damp, early Victorian and the recommendation was that this heating system would not only be cheaper to run than traditional systems, but also allow the house to dry out with the old stone walls acting as radiators over time. It has been absolutely brilliant. For the first time, the house is warm and welcoming and the damp has been addressed. The team at AC Heating have been truly amazing! Petr has been fabulously accommodating, putting up with complete technophobes with a smile on his face. His style is very open, direct and responsive. Sarah in the office is fast and efficient and gets back with the information you need immediately. I  couldn't recommend them more highly. A.T.


The support and communication from AC Heating was great throughout the process. Any queries from my BER Assessor were answered in a timely manner. The heat pump is working for a number of months now and the bills have been very low.
I would recommend AC Heating to any prospective clients. They also provided all necessary information required for the grant work. Regards P. T.

AC_Heating_Heat_pump_Derek Brown

I found dealing with AC Heating fantastic, the system is very good. D.B.


... I am very happy with all my interactions with AC heating, their staff and contractors. I found all the team helpful, open and willing to support in any way required. The workmanship of their team and contractors was first class. The delivery of the system was on time as agreed and all the follow up support has been excellent. J. F.


We are delighted with your heat pump :
1-the home feels quite more comfortable than with an oil system as the temperature is always the same
2- the temperature is very well regulated whatever the weather and we do not have these waves of heat and cold depending of the boiler and its time schedule
3-and moreover the temperature can be adapted to our needs : we have chosen 19 degrees for this winter but most probably next year we will stop at 18 as we do not need to be warmer at night
4-the water is always hot which is interesting daily for the kitchen sink and for the showers when the children come
5-and the noise of the pump is very low and does not disturb our sleep which is a plus as it is fixed on the wall of our bedroom and my sleep is always very light
6-finally to change the chosen temperature is very easy on your website and even a technophobe can do that easily

Your team was efficient and did the job without destroying anything in the house and outside.

So globally we are delighted and would recommand your system to anyone. AM

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