AC Heating References Georgian House, Castleisland

Georgian House, Castleisland

Cost saving: €3,648
House type: Reconstruction
Residential area: 360 m2
Installation year: 2011
Heat pump: Heat pump Convert AW16
Address: Castleisland, Co. Kerry, Ireland

Air-Water heat pump "AC Heating Convert AW-16", is linked to the existing system and provides all heating and domestic hot water requirements. The heat pump is driven by our new regulation control unit XCC, which gives the customer greater possibilities in terms of management and control. The whole system is controlled directly from the customer's PC or via Internet. Existing oil boiler continues to serve as backup heat source, which turns on automatically in case of failure or lack of performance.

Previous heating cost period of 12 Months with the oil : 5,040 euro ( 8000 litres of oil )
Confirmed heating cost savings for 12 Months: 3,648 euro ( 1litre/0.87 cent )
Running cost of Heat Pump : 1,392 euro ( 80% savings )

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