AC Heating References ESCO - Quality Hotel Youghal

ESCO - Quality Hotel Youghal

Cost saving: € 11,600 annually
House type: Hotels and SPA
Installation year: 2016
Heat pump: Heat Pump Convert AW28-3P
Address: Redbarn, Youghal, Co. Cork
Manner of use:

 The project was completed on capital free ESCO procejt where the customoer is saving guaranteed 20% with no capital cost required.

The Quality Hotel Youghal was originally heated by Lpg Boilers. We have build 3 x Air-Water AC Heating Convert AW-28 kW split heat pumps installed to serve heat and domestic hot water. New boiler room was delivered on the site, positioned on the roof of the leisure centre and connected to the existing hydraulics.The AC Heating heating system is covering 100% of space, pools, Jacuzzi and DHW heating requirements.

Previous heating cost period of 12 Months on LPG gas: €58,000 ( 138,825 litres)
Annual heating cost savings: €48,400
Running cost of Heat Pump : €9,600 ( 83% savings )

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