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Regulation xCC2 - more than just regulation

In the past, we focused on the possibilities of xCC2 regulation, especially in terms of controlling the heat pump and other heat sources. Let us now focus more on the possibilities of regulating heat appliances, which make xCC2 regulation a unique product on the Irish market.

The xCC2 control system can efficiently control the heating system on both the heat source and the appliance side. This allows it to reduce heat consumption and reduce its overproduction. Especially in the case of a combination of different heat sources and more complex heating systems, the savings from the correct regulation of the system are in the range of about 10 - 30%.

We will show you how xCC2 regulation can make your life more enjoyable.

Heat consumption management

The constant rise in energy prices is the reason for the increasing pressure to reduce heating costs. To meet this requirement, we need to have a very precise regulation of heating systems.

Heating circuits

The basic tool for building consumption control is the hydraulic division of the heating system into individual heating circuits. The system is divided into heating circuits according to the use of various parts of the building (radiators, underfloor heating, cooling, swimming pool, pool room. For larger projects, xCC2 control offers control of up to 12 heating circuits.

Each heating circuit operates on its own Equithermal curve. The function of the Equithermal curve is to allow our software to adjust the heating water temperature accordingly given certain circumstances. It will take a reading of outside temperature, actual room temperature and requested room temperature. The software will then choose the most efficient heating water temperature to bring your room up to the requested air temperature. This feature ensures the highest efficiency because choosing a lower water temperature in certain situations will be more cost effective.

Constant Mode

This mode allows the software to fix the heating water temperature on a give circuit. It can be very useful in certain situations. An example of this would be to use this mode as a timed circuit for towel radiators. We can use the software to bring on the circuit at a fixed water temperature at certain times through out the day or to be always on.

All this in a very simple and comfortable interface. Accurate regulation of the heating system can bring additional cost savings up to 30%.

An additional option is the establishment of additional zones under individual heating circuits:

Multizone control:

Zone control allows the user to control the temperatures in each room of the building. Each room can then be heated to its temperature. This solution is very convenient for guest houses, larger buildings, etc.

8 zones can be fitted for each heating circuit. It is understood that a zone is a room or several rooms with the same desired air temperature. Both underfloor heating and radiators can be used to transfer the heat produced.

The advantage of this solution is the central access to the set temperatures in the given zones. For example, for hotels or guest houses the possibility to regulate the room temperature remotely according to the current occupancy is very interesting. This is both in terms of time savings of the employees entrusted with this activity and in terms of savings in heating costs and simplicity of heating.

Systems often contain both heat distribution control elements - multiple heating circuits and zone control - simultaneously. Only xCC2 control offers a comprehensive control of the heating source with an overlap to the precise control of the heat sources at a very affordable price. The indisputable advantage of xCC2 regulation is the fact that it is our product, with which we are able to work very precisely and possibly extend it according to specific requirements.

The heat pumps can of course be connected to the Internet and the user can control everything remotely. If the user submits the access information to the technical support, the technical support can diagnose the indoor and outdoor units online and very easily help with changing settings or diagnosing the heat pump.

Every heat pump as well as every control system works only as good as they are designed, installed and set up. Therefore, the preparation of the wiring and installation of the heat pump must be carried out with utmost care. With hundreds of installations every year, we are able to secure all phases of the project safely and reliably. Every AC Heating xCC2 controlled heat pump can be connected to the Internet for remote management and remote diagnostics. As a result, we actively assist customers in setting parameters and optimizing the operation of the heat pump.

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