AC Heating Service and support Full installation

Full installation

Are you thinking about a heat pump, but do not know what you need to prepare for during the course of its installation?
We can take care of everything for you.

We will prepare budgets for all required work for you.
Then you only need to decide what to order with us.

Invite our technician to visit your house

What we do

BUILDING readiness

We will drill the wall entries for the connecting pipes.


We will prepare not only the cables for the heat pump power supply, but also the other required electrical wiring.

plumbing WORKS

We will connect the heat pump to your heating system. We can also install a completely new heating system, including both heating radiators and underfloor heating.


We will connect your heat pump to the Internet for automatic diagnostics and remote control.

How long does the installation take?

If everything is correctly prepared, the whole process for installing the AC Heating Convert AW heat pump usually takes 2 days.

Progress of the installation


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