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What is a heat pump?

An Air - Water is a very energy efficient and environmentally friendly way to generate space heating and hot water. The heat pump uses outside air to warm your house in the winter and cool it in the summer. This system can deliver in excess of 70 % saving on energy bills when compared with the more traditional oil boilers.

How does a heat pump work?

In a simple way, the heat pump is a device that “transports” heat energy from one place to another place.

The heating process starts in the outside unit. The surrounding air is passed over an evaporator which contains refrigerant. The refrigerant is responsible for transferring and transporting the heat. Then the refrigerant is passed through a compressor which significantly increases its pressure and temperature. The heated refrigerant then flows into the heat exchanger (indoor unit) where it transfers its heat to the water in your heating system. Finally the refrigerant flows through the expansion valve to bring back to its natural state and the cycle repeats again and again

Can a heat pump cool my home in the summer?

With the heat pump, cooling is also possible. For cooling, the fancoils are used which can heat in the winter season or provide air conditioning.

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When is the Best Time to Buy and Install a Heat Pump?

Choosing a heat pump in the summer is a much more logical approach than in the winter time. Be ready for the cold dark winter months, do not worry about heating or hot water or disruption to these.

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