AC Heating Blog Why choose to install a heat pump in the summer?

Why choose to install a heat pump in the summer?

Choosing to Install a heat pump in the summer is a much more logical approach than in the winter time. Be ready for the cold dark winter months, do not worry about heating or hot water or disruption to these.

Installation takes place in the heat of the summer months when heating is not required in your home.

Once installed the building management system takes control and you will not have to worry about having heat or hot water ever again.

How does the process work?

Once you submit a request through our website, we will have a representative call you and discuss your options and details specific for your home.

We will survey the building and assess the best route for pipework and the units itself. On the survey we will discus in detail how the system works for your home, and how it gives you peace of mind in the future, the building management takes care of the entire system for you.

Once we have all relevant information gathered we will create a proposal for you, we will talk you through the proposal and have it broken down to every detail of the install.

If you are happy to purchase our system we will draw up a contract and set an installation date.


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