AC Heating Domestic SEAI Heat pump grant

SEAI Heat pump grant

SEAI increased the value of heat pump grant in 2022 to encourage homeowners to make the change to a renewable energy source. The grant is worth €6,750 towards the cost of installing an Air to Water Heat Pump (including €200 towards the Technical Assessment and €50 towards new BER).

Who can apply for the grant?

You can apply if your home was built before 2021.

You as an applicant must be the owner of the dwelling which has to have an existing heating system and must be occupied for the last year.

Who is the technical advisor and what they do?

Before you can apply for the grant, you will have to get your house checked by the SEAI Technical Advisor, your dwelling will be then checked for the suitability for the Heat pump Grant.

The Technical Advisor will guide you what steps to take to make your house Heat Pump ready and advise you on reducing heat loss.

how to apply?

You can apply for the grant online by visiting SEAI website.

Please note it must be the homeowner of the house appling for the SEAI heat pump grant.

You will be asked for the Meter Point Reference Number and for some of your personal details.

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