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Heat pumps

Heat pumps are machines that extract heat from one place, upgrade it to a higher temperature and move it to another place. Heat pumps work by circulating refrigerant liquid between two heat exchanger’s by use of a compressor pump.

The most common everyday items that use heat pump technology are fridges and freezers. Warm air is extracted from inside these appliances and vented outward. Heat pumps are also used for home heating. They extract heat from a heat source (outside air) but instead of releasing it into the air, like fridges and freezers, they transfer this heat to water that then circulates through radiators, under-floor heating or a coil to heat a DHW cylinder.

The remarkable thing about heat pumps is that they can harvest heat from low temperature sources, even down to -25°C.

Cost savings
You will save up to 70 % on heating costs.
Your house is heated 24/7.
Smart solution
You can easily control your heating remotely from anywhere.

What is an air-water heat pump?

An air-water heat pump is the most common and the most frequently installed heat pump in Europe. The reasons for this include its easy installation, technical parameters and affordable price.
The heat pump takes heat from ambient air and transfers it into heating water. Systems with continual power regulation are most effective in this heat pump category. Their output is automatically adapted to the heating needs of the house.
Continual power regulation is the feature of all Convert AW heat pumps made by AC Heating.

How does a heat pump work?
Watch this short animation.


WHAT can we offer you?

Reducing your heating costs

Thanks to the very high heating factor you will reduce the operating costs of your household heating up to 70 % on average in comparison to the oil/gas boiler. Our heat pump will always assure low operating costs for you.

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No need to think about maintenance

You can rely on the faultless operation of our heat pump for the next 20 years. The heat pump’s operation does not require human interference. Thanks to our technical support and automated diagnostics, you will have everything under control all year round.

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Smart and easy control

We will connect your heat pump to the Internet. You can control it easily from your computer, tablet or smartphone remotely.

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Online diagnostics

Allows the non-stop detection of operating status and its evaluation. Therefore optimum operating parameters can be set to minimise operating costs and prevent potential failures.

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Compact size

Thanks to the compact size of our heat pump, your boiler room will remain open for other installations. Use the extra space.

7-year warranty

Our long-term experience with development and production and our 7-year warranty reassure you that we will always take care of you and your installation. 

Long service life

We only use top-standard, test-proven components for manufacturing. With our technology, we fulfilled the requirements of the HPA (Heat Pump Association of Ireland) and were approved by the Q label Quality.

Smart solutions by AC Heating

Respond to the forecast

The regulation adjusts the settings according to the weather forecast so you will return to a warm, cosy home.

Connect with smart-home technologies

Enjoy even more comfort and luxury. Connect your entire household with our smart regulation.

Automatic remote diagnostics

We will detect an error before you get cold.

WHY choose a heat pump from AC HEATING?

Steps through the heat pump installation

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