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What are the steps for heat pump installation

We work with you throughout the whole process.
We will tell you what to prepare before the installation or we can provide a full heat pump installation with all the necessary work.
A heat pump from AC Heating will serve your household reliably for many years ahead.  

When to make your request

Contact us as soon as you begin to think about a heat pump for your house. We will advise you what you need to arrange.

What we need for the heat pump design

If you have a project then we can survey it and discuss everything with you, including the heat pump design.

What if you only want an estimate? No problem. To design your heat pump system, we need to know the size of your house, the number of persons living in your household, and what you want to use your heat pump for (heating, hot water preparation, pool water heating, etc.)

What will come next

  • After receiving an inquiry
    • We will prepare a proposal for you.
    • We will visit your home.
    • We will design the right heat pump for your house.
    • We will prepare a quotation with full details for you.
  • Signing the contract
    • We will supply the documentation for installation
    • If applicable, we will help you with the grants.
    • We will oversee the whole project.
  • Implementation
    • Steps before installations
      • Building readiness - entries for the connecting pipeline, etc.
      • Electrical installations - heat pump power supply, connection to the regulation…
      • Plumbing works - connecting heat pump to the existing heating system
      • Other works - connection of your heat pump to the Internet for automatic diagnostic and remote control
    • We will install and commission your heat pump.
    • We will set the optimal operating parameters for your heat pump.
  • Handling to the customer
    • We teach you how to operate your heat pump and give you the needed documentation.
    • Technical support - contact us any time, we are here to help you!
      • Don´t hesitate to contact us with any question, be free to call us.

The installation of a heat pump is not as complicated as it looks like. With our help you will avoid any unpleasant surprises.
Our satisfied customers testify that we do our work well and with the necessary precision. 

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