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Our recent commissioning of 26 Heat Pumps

Working closely together with RTS heating and cooling, TWEP plumbing, and MRA electrical contractors, AC Heating have completed the installation and commissioning of 26 Heat Pumps.
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New R32 Refrigerant

Global warming is an issue which we are aware of and we pride ourselves on being able to help reduce this with our highly efficient heating system.
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How to control heat pump – easy with xCC2

You can controll the heat pump via a web interface from a smart phone, tablet, laptop or desktop computer.
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Introducing our showroom

We are happy to Introduce our newly revamped showroom.
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Heat pump and integration with PVPP

Does your house have a photovoltaic power plant (PVPP) on the roof and you are wondering if this can integrate with our heat pump? Have a look how we connect the heat pump and PVPP.

Grants for the air source heat pump systems

The Minister of Environment and Climate Control announced a new government grant to encourage the homeowners of Installation of Heat Pumps.
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