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Our recent commissioning of 26 Heat Pumps

Working closely together with RTS heating and cooling, TWEP plumbing, and MRA electrical contractors, AC Heating have completed the installation and commissioning of 26 Heat Pumps for a mix of two and three bedroom new houses.

The 90 square meter houses were sized and fitted with 6 kW heat pumps to provide all year round hot water and heating.

TWEP plumbing installed all the plumbing needed for the houses. They fitted the all in one indoor unit which includes a 200 litre domestic hot water cylinder and a heat exchanger. Also, they installed all the radiators and split the houses into two different zones for heating,

MRA electrical were then tasked with all the electrical work both for the houses and our heating system. This included adding digital thermostats  to our heating system in order to set the requested temperatures for both the hot water and heating zones.

AC Heating installers were on site to do the refrigeration pipes for the heat pumps and also to set up all the software required to run these heating systems.

In order for us to complete this project in the allotted time frame of two weeks, it was essential for our companies to insure that we were in constant communication with each other and were all working together efficiently and effectively. We are delighted to say that because of our planning and coordinating that went into this project it has
led to its successful completion on time.

Also, we would like to wish the new residents of Sleaty Park View, Co. Carlow the very best in their new homes. We are sure they will be very comfortable with the highly efficient and low cost heating system solution we have provided.

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The AC Heating team

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