AC Heating Domestic Products Heat Pump Convert AW28-3P

Heat Pump Convert AW28-3P


Heating output of heat pump: 27,9 kW (A2W35)
Standard application: In large family houses, commercial objects with heat loss between 21,0 and 25,0 kW, for heating, DHW, pool heating.
Residential area: 180 - 300 m2
Max. heating output kW 29,2
Min. heating output kW 8,7
Nominal heating output kW 27,9
Max. power consumption kW 9,3
COP (A7W35)* - 4,66
COP (A2W35)* - 3,59

* Accredited to perform tests in accordance with standard EN 14511, EN 14825, EN 16147

Power supply v-f-Hz 400-3-50
Required circuit breaker char. A/f B20/3
Max. electrical current A 17,0
Starting electrical current A 6,0
Max. operated power kW 9,3
Sound pressure level at an average heating output of 3 m dB(A) 44
Sound pressure level at an average heating output of 5 m dB(A) 40
temperature of heating water 35°C temperature of heating water 55°C
SCOP 3,92 3,02
Energy efficiency class A++ A+
Tbivalent* -4 °C -3 °C
Pdesign** 27,8 kW 27,2 kW
Tdesign*** -10 °C -10 °C

* outside temperature of switching on of the bivalent source

** heat loss of the house

*** outside temperature relevant to the value of Pdesign

Outdoor unit

A 900 mm
B 1540 mm
C 320 mm
D 600 mm
E 365 mm
F 30 mm
G 150 mm
H 50 mm
I 10 mm

Indoor unit

A 600 mm
B 600 mm
C 200 mm
D 115 mm
E 235 mm
F 170 mm
G 75 mm
H 65 mm
I 280 mm
J 30 mm
K 555 mm
L 555 mm
M 8 mm
N 1"
O 3/4"
P 1/2"

  • Flexible
    Allows you to set and regulate individual elements of the heating system.
  • Smart
    Finds the most effective  option for your current settings.
  • Simple
    Don´t worry about algorithms. Control the whole system with an user-friendly interface.


Blainroe Lodge Nursing Home

House type: Commercial objects
Cost saving: € 38,417 per year
Address: Blainroe, Co. Wicklow

More information

ESCO - Banna Beach Holiday Resort

House type: Hotels and SPA
Cost saving: € 9,780 annually
Address: Banna-Mountain, Tralee, Co. Kerry,

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