AC Heating References Family house Dunlavin, County Wicklow

Family house Dunlavin, County Wicklow

House type: Reconstruction
Installation year: 2020
Heat pump: Heat pump Convert AW16
Address: Dunlavin Wicklow

Absolutely Clever Heating has finished another successful installation in Dunlavin. The main source is our air to water Heat pump system Convert AW16 and customer wished to keep the original oil boiler as a back up source.

We now provide the heating for the house and domestic hot water all year round. The heating system in the house is controlled by the xCC2 control system. Control of the heat pump is possible thanks to the Internet connection virtually anywhere. The automatic remote diagnostics feature included in the basic package gives you the confidence that you are always taken care of.

Thanks to the installation of a Convert AW16, the customer can expect 70 % savings compare to his previous heating cost.

Running costs will be monitored over the next 12 months.

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